Thursday, August 12, 2010

Better, Faster, Stronger!

StudioCloud is now faster and better than ever!

Our development team has been hard at work to bring our StudioCloud members a software that is quick, responsive, and reliable. In the most recent updates of our program, we have streamlined the way StudioCloud manages large amounts of information.

What does this mean for me?

A better, and faster, StudioCloud experience.

If you are a larger studio or business with thousands of clients, appointments and invoices the speed improvements will be the most obvious. The initial load time for larger businesses has been decreased by over 70 percent and speedy access to your information throughout the program has been dramatically improved.

What are the benefits?

With the new speed and reliability of StudioCloud, you can:
  • Save time by accessing your information faster
  • Quickly schedule appointments
  • Instantly search your client database in seconds
  • Promptly complete projects or tasks with immediate retrieval of information
  • and more!
How do I download the new update?

Simply open StudioCloud and you will be prompted to download* the latest update.

We recommend all of our StudioCloud members update to the faster version of StudioCloud.

You won't regret it.

*If any problems occur during the update, please contact

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