Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Walden Coaching Community

Tim and Beverly Walden

Tim and Beverly Walden have been on StudioCloud's Board of Experts* for years.Together, they have received many awards including the prestigious PPA Imaging Excellence Award and the IUSA Gerhard Bakker Award for outstanding photographic education.

For photographers who are serious about learning, Tim and Bev Walden have created a brand new website that allows photographers to gain new insights into photography.

This amazing resource is called, "The Walden Coaching Community".

Tim says, "[The coaching community] is all about the next level of education. The community is filled with promise and potential for photographers."

The wealth of knowledge runs deeps at the Walden's Coaching Community. There are Image Studies, a Knowledge Library, a Members Forum, Questions and Answers and much, much more! Each section is available to Community Members and is updated regularly.

So, if you're a photographer looking to gain powerful insight from two highly educated people about photography, then stop by The Walden Coaching Community.

*The StudioCloud Board of Experts are industry-level professional photographers that share their expert knowledge and insight to help produce the most popular studio management software in the world.. For a complete list of the Board of Experts, please click here.

All images are © Walden's Photography 2010.

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Randy said...

This community is is the greatest place to "LEARN" about the business AND art of photography.

Way to go Tim and Bev!