Friday, November 12, 2010

Email Templates

We've heard your requests, and we're pleased to announce the newest feature of StudioCloud: Email templates.
Email templates allow you even more control over your client management. With this new feature, you can create personalized and customizable text or HTML email templates

What is an email template?An email template is a document used to generate personalized text or HTML emails. Email templates can contain text, images, website links, and more.

What are the benefits of email templates?
  • Staying in contact. One of the main reasons why businesses suffer from customer retention issues is a lack of contact. With the new email templates, you can quickly generate email which auto-populates your clients name, event information, invoice/order information and more.
  • Save time and money. Instead of wasting valuable time and money by creating a separate email for each individual customer, you can quickly attach a canned email response and click send. It only takes seconds, giving you more time to spend doing what you love and less time behind a computer.
  • Send a customizable email to all your clients. If you're getting ready for the Holiday season, chances are you've thought about sending emails to your clients about your seasonal promotions. Why not do it all in StudioCloud? You can create a customized email template chock full of images, links, and texts and send it all at once to your clients-at the click of a button. The email auto-fills the clients name, address, and other information.
Upgrade to CloudBoost
If you upgrade to CloudBoost, you will receive top-notch customer and technical support, syncing between multiple computers and mobile devices, automated emails, automated postcards, automated text messages, and much more. For detailed information about CloudBoost, click here.


Glen.J.Nelson Photography said...

Is anyone else having problems with the email template? It will not recognize the 'event time and date' when the email is sent...can anyone help


Landon Green said...


If you go to the forum at and ask this question there you can get some help there.

Michael See Photography said...

I was able to create one actual template and it was horrible when I test sent to my email address. Had weird characters littered throughout the email. I deleted the template and tried to start from scratch and it won't let me make another template. I like the idea of the feature but they need to fix the problems first.

Landon Green said...


Please go to the forum at and a tech will work with you there to resolve the issue.