Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Manage Online Albums Your Way - At a Price You Can Afford

One of the largest frustrations professional photographers experience in selling or proofing their work online is the sheer cost and complexity of doing so. Countless photographers have bemoaned the fact companies charge them for every download, upload, sale or minute their galleries show on the web. With the advent of the Online Gallery, StudioCloud has integrated the process from start to finish and provided a simple solution - Here's your space, you organize and manage it as you like! Never again worry about extending the time a photo can be online or pay hundreds of dollars a month to upload a small portion of your work. StudioCloud Online Gallery gives our customers 5 gig of storage and an optimizer that allows photographers to upload over 60,000 photos. (Using the small optimize setting). If you need more, you can purchase additional space, but most photographers find no extra space necessary. All this for $34.95 a month!

Scott Astin
StudioCloud Development Team

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