Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where Did The Website Templates Go?

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback on the website templates. Usually when you purchase a website from online companies there will be multiple other photographers who have the same one unless you pay thousands of dollars to have a custom one built. Here at StudioCloud we realize that each photographer has their own unique style and we want you to display your work on your own unique website without the steep price.

Due to the feedback we have received from you we are revamping this portion of StudioCloud to give you the power of customizing the look and feel of your website without having a custom one built. There will be general layouts that will allow you to change the colors, fonts, menu bars, images, and layout features with an easy to use interface. These websites will be fully integrated with StudioCloud's Basic Suite and Online Gallery. At a price you can afford you will have your own unique website and not a cookie cutter template. Please be patient as we finish developing these components.

Please continue to give your feedback and suggestions. It is photographers like you that are helping StudioCloud to become the most dynamic, user friendly photography software on the market!

StudioCloud, It's Just that Easy!

Tara Bates

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Anonymous said...

I am planning to build my web site through you guys. If my 30 days runs out and the web site "templates" are not ready, how will i choose my package accordingly? I want to use the basic suite, online gallery, in-studio gallery and website. Thanks,again, for the product I have been searching for for several years now!
Jean Sowders